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Teach Your Child to Disagree

Posted on 03-31-2016


Do you find yourself saying “Don’t ever talk to me like that!” on a regular basis? Are you tempted to respond to your child’s back talking by saying “You’ll do it because I said so?”

If you’re like many parents, you may be dealing with a child testing out the boundaries of his or her independence. It is common for children to lash out at their parents when they feel like they have no personal power. Children need to feel comfortable and safe expressing their own opinions even if they are different from the opinions of their parents. Creating opportunities for your child to make their own choices is one way you can curb those annoying, whiny, temper tantrums.  

Teaching your child the art of disagreeing in a respectful manner can be a struggle. Allowing your child greater independence seems risky at first. However, by establishing clear limits of their independence, you are still in charge – and your child learns to express disagreement in a way that doesn’t involve back talking, screaming and clenched fists. 

For tips to keep in mind when teaching your child about disagreeing respectfully, read the full article here: Teach Your Child to Disagree

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